Prices to visit our Wonderland

All cabins, safari tents and camping fees include walk fees, and free map

Day Admission
$13 per adult
$6 High school
$3 Primary school
$1/bag Wallaby Food 

Un powered Camping Rates Prices are based on adults and primary school children

Adults $16 per adult per night

High school children $8 per child per night

primary $4 per child per night

Free for children under 5 years old


Please Note : Dogs are allowed in the camp site tied up with you however, Dogs are not allowed in the Gorge at all please we request this for the saftey of other tourists and the saftey of all animals. 

                      * Please check out our Accommodation for all Rates.

332 Paglietta Road, Chewko (Mareeba) Queensland Australia 

Caravan Park and Camping Facilities Available

Tel: 07 4093 2259

AH: 0435 073 905

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